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Precision in every joint, beauty in every façade – that's Brushwood Engineering.

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Structural Engineering Services

Designing and analysing structures for peak safety and durability, integrating advanced engineering with material sciences

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Temporary Structures & Events

Engineering custom solutions for temporary structures and events, focusing on safety, compliance, and innovative design

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Façade Engineering and Design

Blending aesthetics and functionality in facade engineering for energy-efficient, harmonious, and sustainable designs

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Civil Engineering Services

Comprehensive civil engineering for infrastructure projects, emphasising sustainable practices and resource efficiency

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Why Choose Us?

We have a proven track record of transforming complex engineering challenges into sustainable, real-world solutions.

3.5 Million+ 

Attendees at a wide array of events engineered by our dedicated team

250+ Sustainable Projects

Firmly invested in local manufacturing and high-quality Australian materials

3 Major Hospital Expansions

Strategically engineered major expansions of three significant hospitals

4 Regional Towns Revitalised

Successfully revitalised and modernised infrastructure in 4 regional towns
Game-changer! Brushwood Engineering’s commitment truly elevated the project. The communication was spot-on, and their responsiveness sealed the deal
Ava Atroushi
Site Engineer, CPB
I'm thrilled with the professionalism displayed by Brushwood Engineering. Clear communication, innovative solutions—the top choice for engineering
Rami Akl
Asset Engineer, Ventia

Explore Our Projects

Browse through our diverse portfolio of projects that reflect our commitment to excellence and innovation in engineering
FIFA Women’s Museum
Celebrating sports history with structural finesse
Temporary Structures
DIOR 30 Montaigne Sydney Pop Up
Celebrating DIOR history with structural finesse
Temporary Structures
KIA Vivid 2023
Illuminating events with creative engineering solutions
Temporary Structures
Capital Food Market
Revitalising retail spaces with sustainable design
Façade Engineering
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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to common questions about our structural engineering services and working with our consultancy.

What services do you offer?

Brushwood Engineering Group provides precision solutions as engineering consultants in Structural, Civil, Temporary Structures, and Façade Engineering.

How experienced are your engineers?

Our team of industry leaders have a combined 20+ years of experience

What does the engineering process look like?

Typically a project will involve:

1. Design Vision – Grasping project essence and goals. Defining objectives, requirements, and constraints to set project direction.

2. Collaboration – Engaging stakeholders in initial design review. Clarifying requirements, sharing ideas, and aligning on project goals.

3. Innovative Design – Delving into detailed analysis and feasibility studies. Utilizing CAD, simulations, and prototypes to refine concepts and optimize performance.

4. Practical Solutions - Developing tailored solutions considering cost, sustainability, safety, and regulations. Refining designs, selecting materials, and creating detailed implementation plans.

5. Ensuring Excellence - Coordinating project deliverables development. Implementing quality assurance processes for smooth implementation and exceeding expectations.

How are costs estimated for a project?

As a service-oriented business, engineering fees are determined by allocating the necessary time for project assessment and analysis. These rates, along with flat certification costs and site inspection fees, are determined based on standard practices and tailored to the specific requirements of each project.

What is the typical duration for delivering a project?

At Brushwood Engineering we value efficiency when delivering project. Typically, we assess, analyse, model, and produce drawings all within a week from receiving a project.

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